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STOP Hair Loss

A complex for the scalp that stops diffuse hair loss that occurs after childbirth, during feeding, after stress, illness, against the background of a general weakening of the body..

Effective cleansing and healing of the scalp, strengthening hair follicles, reducing hair loss and activating hair growth.

You can purchase each drug included in the program separately or in combination with a 10% discount.

STOP Hair Loss

AED1,940.00 Regular Price
AED1,745.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

Step 1:

- deep cleansing of the scalpSerum Natural Active Substances "Soothing"

- applicationSerum P15to stimulate the hair follicle and lengthen the phase of active hair growth

Step 2:

- cleansing the scalp and hairPersonal Shampoo with Phyto Essences

Step 3:

- application to the scalpLotion "From hair loss"to stop hair loss and activate hair growth

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