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Hair Filler

Volume 100 ml.


Creation of amazing basal volume and instant compaction of even the finest hair! o The combination of hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the hair shaft, and two-phase keratin molecules, deeply embedded in the cuticular layer, gives additional volume from the roots, visually increasing the number and thickness of hair without weighing it down. o Increase the volume of fine hair up to 65% and the cumulative effect of restoring thinning hair exposed to frequent dyeing and thermal exposure. o Improves blood circulation, nutrition of the scalp, enhancing hair growth. "Depending on the amount of product applied - from light daily styling 2 ml., For strong styling 4-5 ml. - without weighting! Creates a protective breathable film on the hair that prevents rapid contamination for several days, prolonging the freshness of styling! It has thermal protective properties.

Hair Filler

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Amazing persistent root volume. Increase the duration of the freshness of styling. Hair seal.

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