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Shine silk fluid

The smoothing radiant effect of Fluid Serum is achieved due to its easy distribution on the surface of the curls, providing ease of combing, drying acceleration, reduction of frizz, structuring the curl. With Cyclopentasiloxane, one of the safest ingredients in cosmetics, derived from silicon oxide, a naturally occurring mineral, the fluid instantly adds shine, silkiness and softness to hair, with no oily residue or greasy feeling, and no tendency to build up. Enveloping each hair with an invisible veil, it smoothes and welds the scales, as a result they turn out to be shiny and smooth, preventing the color pigment from washing out after dyeing. Due to this, the structure is aligned with the simultaneous absence of film formation processes that prevent the normal supply of oxygen. For curls, the fluid does a great job - it closes cracks, heals a little and returns them to a good structure. With regular use of such products, the hair becomes obedient and more elastic, as well as the water resistance of the damaged strands is restored and new damage is prevented. The styling process due to this composition is greatly facilitated, the curls dry faster, are easy to comb and are protected from harmful heat treatment with a hairdryer, ironing and tongs.

Shine silk fluid

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Fashion - effect. A safe alternative to keratin straightening and hair lamination! Instant smoothness, shine and silkiness of hair. Easy to comb and UV and thermal protection. Doesn't weigh hair down!

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